AMTEmu Adobe Universal Patcher 0.9.4 Crack With Patch (2020)

Free Download AMTEmu Adobe Universal Patcher Crack

AMTEmu Adobe Universal Patcher CrackFree AMTEmu Adobe Universal Patcher 0.9.4 Crack Here

AMTEmu Crack is a tool that is used to activate Adobe Products. It is the best and the only tool that can give you the lifetime activation of all the Adobe Products. This tool is also famous with the name of Universal Adobe Patcher (UAP) among people. It will activate any product within just clicks you don’t need to follow any burden steps. This tool is quite simple to use and has many benefits which you will find in the feature section. By using it you can activate all adobe 2019 versions including Dreamweaver & Premiere Pro.

AMTEmu or AMT Emulator is developed by the famous Russian developer named PainteR. People also know this software and search on google as AMTEmu by PainteR. We will further discuss this awesome activator below in which I will explain the installation & the activation process as well. Use AMTEmu Adobe is the most famous company which developed so many products such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Dreamweaver, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Lightroom & many more you can find on their website.

Download Amtemu CC For Mac Latest Version [2020]

As you know the all the Adobe products come with the 15 days of the trial period. After the trial ends you won’t use these products again so if you want to continuously use them you need to purchase it. What if you don’t have the money or don’t want to waste it in buying this product? Further, you can also use it for the free tail for Mac.

Download AMTEmu 0.9.4 Universal Adobe Patcher CC {Latest}

At this place, AMT Emulator is used and you will know why is this tool so useful and famous. This doesn’t increase the trial limit or add another trial. But with the help of this tool, you can activate them for the rest of your life. Also, you will get all the latest updates on the products. By activating any product using this tool then you can even log in to your account as well. Adobe will never disable your account not even know you are using the fake activation method. It is 100% safe to use and is secure from the rest of the activators available on the internet.

Key Feature Of AMTEmu:

This is the list of the features which Adobe Universal Patcher also is known as AMTEmu provides. You must check out the features so that you can understand it more easily.

Free of Cost:

This is the freemium tool and it will never ask for money. You can use it on as many machines as you want and as much time as you want. It is free and will always remain free so that you can also enjoy the Adobe products and all the features of those products free.

No Advertisement:

It doesn’t contain any type of advertisement in it. As you can see in other activators there are so many annoying ads. These ads keep appearing while you are activating and using it, which makes you feel uncomfortable and pain starts in your head. But when you use this you will never face such problems as there is no type of pop-up or in App ads available.

Lifetime Activation:

Do you have a Trial Reset Tool on your computer so that you can keep getting the trials? Are you using it after every 15 days? If yes then here is the good news for you. AMTEmu will never reset the trial but it activates your Adobe Product for the rest of life. Only you need to activate it again right after you uninstall it or install a fresh version of Windows.

Never Sent Data To Adobe:

It will never send your activation date to the Adobe company. Nor it stores the log files, after activation, it will automatically delete those files from your machine. So, in this case, you will never get caught by the Adobe  Zii Server while using their product even though you are connected to the internet.

Virus & Trojans Free:

AMTEmu is free of all types of malware, trojan & viruses. As compared to other activators it guarantees you from these such attacks. So, you can use it without worrying about your files or about getting your machine damaged.

No Ban Issue:

This tool activates the Products in such a manner that it will never get caught by the Adobe Servers. This means your account will never get ban from the Adobe Servers and you can use it. It activates it in such a way that Adobe thinks it is registered with the original Adobe key.

All In One Activator:

Yes, you heard that right this is all in one activator which means you don’t need to have separate activators for different products. This single tool is enough for the activation of all the products like, Photoshop CC 2019, Premiere Pro, Lightroom, After Effects, etc.

Windows & Mac Supports:

This tool is supported by Microsoft Windows as well as for Apple’s Mac OS X. Now you don’t need to be worried about the Mac as you can enjoy on it freely as well.

Top Features of Universal Adobe Patcher 2019 & 2020:

Furthermore, this is an interesting adobe patcher with which users can / activate any Adobe product. with its astounding boasts, you can crack all the Adobe products. Let us now discuss some of the main features of this application now:

  • Without any formation or season restrictions, you can activate 100% of the software
  • You don’t need Adobe Application Manager for this software
  • You need to disable the licensing asses structure in the software background
  • There is no need to access Administrator or write any data in the user’s arrangement
  • The app allows you to take advantage of all the capabilities of all the software
  • Failure to meet impostor and Cache Fake License
  • Failure to send any information to Adobe Servers and to make any changes to the application database
  • Bug secures and other issues have been fixed
  • The app has swept all the regional and language constraints
  • The ability to update software without any Adobe updater
  • Disability of confidential and personal information collection system by Adobe

What does AMTEmu / Universal Adobe patcher 2020 do:

  1. It easily activates all the versions of Adobe CC2018, 2017, and earlier.
  2. Disables the protection background check-in applications
  3. It also deactivates any network verification connection
  4. It also disables the cloud features (disable Adobe ID)

AMTEmu Supported Programs:

– Adobe Dreamweaver CC 2018
– Adobe Dreamweaver CC 2017
– Adobe Dreamweaver CC 2016
– Adobe Dreamweaver CC 2015
Adobe Dreamweaver CC 2014
– Adobe Dreamweaver CC
– Adobe Dreamweaver CS6
Adobe Dreamweaver CS5.5
– Adobe Dreamweaver CS5
– Adobe Dreamweaver CS4

Adobe InCopy CC 2015
– Adobe InCopy CC 2014
– Adobe InCopy CC
– Adobe InCopy CS6
Adobe InCopy CS5.5
– Adobe InCopy CS5

– Adobe Audition CC 2015
– Adobe Audition CC 2014
– Adobe Audition CC
Adobe Audition CS6
– Adobe Audition CS5.5

– Adobe Acrobat DC
– Adobe Acrobat XI
– Adobe Acrobat X

Adobe Illustrator CC 2018
– Adobe Illustrator CC 2017
– Adobe Illustrator CC 2016
– All in all, Adobe Illustrator CC 2015
– Adobe Illustrator CC 2014
–More,  Adobe Illustrator CC
– Adobe Illustrator CS6
– Adobe Illustrator CS5.5
Further, Adobe Illustrator CS5
– Adobe Illustrator CS4

– Adobe Lightroom CC (with Dehaze feature)
– Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2015
Furthermore,  Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2014
– Adobe Premiere Pro CC

– Adobe Photoshop CC 2018
– Adobe Photoshop CC 2017
– Adobe Photoshop CC 2016
Further, Adobe Photoshop CC 2015
– Adobe Photoshop CC 2014
– Adobe Photoshop CC
– More, Adobe Photoshop CS6
– Adobe Photoshop CS6 Pre-release
– Adobe Photoshop CS5.5
– Moreover, Adobe Photoshop CS5
Adobe Photoshop CS5 Pre-release
– Adobe Photoshop CS4

– Adobe After Effects CC 2018
– Adobe After Effects CC 2017
– Adobe After Effects CC 2016
– Adobe After Effects CC 2015
Adobe After Effects CC 2014
– Adobe After Effects CC

– Adobe Audition CC 2018
– Adobe Audition CC 2017
–Further,  Adobe Audition CC 2016
Adobe Audition CC 2015
– Adobe Audition CC 2014
– Further, Adobe Audition CC
– Adobe Audition CS6
: Adobe Audition CS5.5

– Adobe Media Encoder CC 2015
– Adobe Media Encoder CC 2014
More, Adobe Media Encoder CC

– Adobe Muse CC 2015
– Adobe Muse CC 2014

: Adobe Muse CC 2020

Universal Adobe Patcher Download:

Universal Adobe Patcher is one of the best creations of Russian software developers called (Painter). It is the best solution to activate the Adobe Creative Cloud CC Applications for free. This software is small size software but it works perfectly.

Below you will find the Download button to start the download of Universal Adobe Patcher. Click on the download button and download the Universal Patcher on your computer.

Let us now come towards activating Adobe Programs in Windows:

  • Firstly, deactivate the internet
  • You will then need to unzip “PROGRAM” and run “SET-UP.exe” to install the program
  • To start the installation in “test mode”, Press “start session”, and then “connect later”, Accept, continue and don’t start.
  • You then need to copy the “patch-AMTemu” in the installation program folder I.e. (C:\Program Files\ Adobe / Adobe / Photoshop CC 2018 and Run as an admin)
  • Choose your program from the given list and click on install
  • Then, start the program, don’t touch the license agreement and just leave it
  • Click on “Accept”
  • And then Reconnect the Internet.


Amtemu is 100% Save and virus free and Let me inform you that downloading Amtemu / AMT emulator looks like a download as Zipping on the very top right corner of the mega page. To download this app, you need to turn off the antivirus and windows defender. With this amazing emulator, you can patch any version of the Adobe Software including 2017’s and 2018’s software. Whereas, by Universal Adobe Patcher, you would only be able to Patch Adobe Applications belonging to the year 2016 and before only.


Finally, this is the complete guide and information about Universal Adobe Patcher – AMTEmu 2018, 2019 Free Download which you people need the most. You can read this complete article and download AMTEmu CC – Universal Adobe Patcher – Amt Emulator 2019 and use them in your Adobe Creative Cloud CC Applications. There is the best emulator for Adobe Software. Similarly, feel free to ask a question. you can also comment in the comment section below.

Universal Adobe Patcher in its newer version has fixed some of the issues:

  • It has implemented the background status validation ( amtemu V0.9.3)
  • All the deprecated configuration parameters have been removed (amtemu)
  • The language Param is the new addition to this (amtemu)
  • It has come with updated presets (GUI).

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

If you just installed an activated the Adobe Product using the AMTEmu but still have some questions. Then there is the list of some most frequently asked questions collected from the internet. You can also read them to get your answers, in case you don’t find it here. Then please let me know in the comment section so, I try my best to answer your question. If your question will be valuable I will also put it into my AMTEmu FAQs list.

Do I need to disable my Antivirus before opening?

  • Yes, you need to disable your Antivirus or Windows 10 defender. Because it may delete Adobe Universal patcher as all the keygens and activators are blacklisted by Antivirus.

In Adobe Patcher there is the option for the 2017 version? But I am using 2018 what should I do?

  • Don’t worry about that you can also activate the 2018 version with 2017. All these patches work the same on both of the year versions and are tested by myself.

I just updated a program for the 2019 version? Will this also activate them?

  • No, it won’t work on the latest 2019 versions of Adobe Products. I am trying my best to find and bring the patcher which supports these versions so that you can also enjoy the latest features with the latest design.

The file is secured with the password? Where can I find one?

  • You can find the password on our website by going to this link. Just copy the password and paste in while extracting.

I encountered a problem “amtlib.dll Not Found” what should I do now?

If you just faced amtlib.dll not found an error or “This application has failed to start because amtlib.dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem.”

Then you need to open this link amtlib.dll Download & download the latest version of amtlib.dll. Now open My Computer > Local Disk (C) > Program Files or Program Files (x32) > Adobe and paste that amtlib.dll there.

Which is the best to Install Amtemu Or CCMaker?

  • CMake uses AMTEmu to patch the software, Instead of CCMaker You should try to use amtemu, it’s the best inactivation, millions of people using carmaker still it works better for them but recently a lot of people using amtemu for better result and permanent activation.

List of best Amtemu Alternatives:

Adobe Zii:

Adobe Zii is an alternative for Universal Adobe Patcher and it is also developed by the same Russian developer PainteR. This tool is not usable for Windows as it is only supported by macOS, with the help of this you can activate any product on Mac easily without facing any issue. It is working 100% fine and no one has ever faced an issue with it, even though you can call it Amtemu of Mac if you want to.

Adobe Zii supports the activation for all Adobe products including 2019, it automatically detects the installed tool on your mac and activates it in real-time. By using this you won’t face reactivation error because it gives you lifetime activation. Another feature of this activator is that it allows you to patch the product manually in case automatic function doesn’t work.

How To Use & Crack  AMTEmu:

  1. First of all Download the setup from the given below link.
  2. Click on the link.
  3. Install the software.
  4. After that wait for the process.
  5. The installation process is complete.
  6. All is done.
  7. Enjoy.
  8. Bingo!


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